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Andromeda - Originals (Angel Air Records) 1969

Biography : Andromeda was a psychedelic/progressive rock trio formed by singer-guitarist John Cann (also known as John Du Cann), formerly of the psychedelic garage band the Attack, Mick Hawksworth (bass, vocals), and Ian McClane (drums, vocals). The group performed in various London venues including Middle Earth and the Marquee Club. Cann's guitar was the dominant instrument, leading listeners through classically based psychedelic and progressive directions and creative dissonances, contributing to the trio's impressive live sets. Andromeda combined their own original writing with elements appropriated out of familiar classical material. They were signed to RCA in 1969 but before that they'd appeared live on the BBC's Top Gear program in 1968, and in the 1990s, other live recordings from their performances at Middle Earth have surfaced as well. The group's first single, "Go Your Way," was released in 1969 and a self-titled album (which featured some impressive vocals) followed quickly. The group broke up late in the year, and Cann joined Vincent Crane in Atomic Rooster, and revived the group with him at the end of the '70s, while Hawksworth played with Alvin Lee and became a member of Ten Years After (and Ten Years Later), as well as playing with Matthew Fisher. Compact disc reissues of Andromeda's work began appearing in the '90s on the Kissing Spell label. Review by Bruce Eder

01.Lonely Streets 4:15
02.The Reason 3:47
03.Day Of The Change 5:02
04.And Now The Sun Shines 4:00
05.Return To Sanity 8:20
06.Too Old 4:58
07.Ocean Song 4:08
08.Turns To Dust 6:49
09.I Can Stop The Sun (2:10
10.When To Stop 8:32

John Du Cann - vocals, guitars
Mick Hawksworth - vocals, bass guitar
Ian McLane - drums

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