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REPOST : The Beginning - This is...The Beginning (Molten Records) 2004

Biography : The Beginning are one of the great lost wonders of psychedelic rock. Their only album This is... was forgotten and lay dormant until it was uncovered by Molten Records. Sold out soon it's now available again on Elektrohasch. It contains a mind altering selection of acid guitar music mixing rock 'n' roll grooves with a twin lead guitar attack. Flashes of the ever-so-fluid San Francisco psychedelic improvisation merge with hard edged Detroit rock and hip stoned grooviness. The overall result is a sound that's part Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Yesterdays Children and.....

01.Soul Revolution 6:22
02.The Ju Ju Man 4:09
03.Blue Honey 8:49
04.Baby's Takin' Me for a Ride (And the Sun Ain't Never Gonna Set) 13:17
05.The Golden Whisper 8:00

Mat Bethancourt - Guitar, Vocal
Louis Wiggett - Guitar, Vocal
Sam Aversano - Bass
Paolo Aversano - Percussion, Vocal
Kris Payne - Drums

5 commenti:

Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue scans

Sergey ha detto...

thank you very much! excellent band

Anonimo ha detto...

Many thanks!

propylaen2001 ha detto...

Excellent record which I've been waiting to show up in lossless format for quite some time. Thanks so much for posting this!

forteanc ha detto...

its in Russian,cant download

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