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Spencer Davis Group - Eight Gigs a Week - The Steve Winwood Years (Island Records Box Set 2CD) 1996

Review by Richie Unterberger : This two-CD, 51-song set covers virtually everything the group recorded with Steve Winwood in the lineup from 1964-1967. The gap between the band's best and worst material was considerable; quite a few of their R&B covers are surprisingly routine, and the occasional cuts that don't have Winwood on lead vocals are downright pedestrian. Because of this inconsistency, the general fan's better off with the Rhino best-of, if it can be found. If you want to get more, though, this is the first and last place to go, with all the hit singles, everything from their three albums, an early EP, some B-sides, and a couple of previously unissued tracks. And some of the obscure material is really good, whether in a straight R&B/blues or more soulful vein. Be aware that the version of "Gimme Some Lovin'" here is the less dynamic, original British mix, minus some backup vocals and percussion.

01.Dimples  2:20
02.I Can't Stand It  2:10
03.Jump Back  1:44
04.Here Right Now  3:13
05.Searchin'  2:38
06.Midnight Train  2:41
07.It's Gonna Work Out Fine  3:03
08.My Babe  2:39
09.Kansas City  4:19
10.Every Little Bit Hurts  3:28
11.Sittin' & Thinkin'  2:57
12.I'm Blue (Gong Gong Song)  2:41
13.She Put The Hurt On Me  2:40
14.I'll Drown In My Own Tears  4:27
15.I'm Getting Better  2:11
16.Goodbye Stevie  2:22
17.Strong Love  2:15
18.Georgia On My Mind  4:40
19.It Hurts Me So  2:55
20.Oh! Pretty Woman  3:20
21.Look Away  2:41
22.This Hammer  2:15
23.Please Do Something  2:23
24.Keep On Running  2:47
25.Let Me Down Easy  3:00

01.Somebody Help Me  2:02
02.Watch Your Step  2:53
03.Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out  3:52
04.Midnight Special  2:14
05.When I Come Home  1:58
06.High Time Baby  2:41
07.Hey Darling  4:46
08.I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water  2:36
09.You Must Believe Me  2:45
10.Trampoline  2:27
11.Since I Met You Baby  3:27
12.Mean Woman Blues  3:14
13.Dust My Blues  2:37
14.When A Man Loves A Woman  3:10
15.Neighbour Neighbour  3:19
16.On The Green Light  3:05
17.Stevie's Blues  3:48
18.Take This Hurt Off Me  2:45
19.Stevie's Groove  2:45
20.I Can't Get Enough Of It  3:43
21.Waltz For Lumumba  4:19
22.Together Till The End Of Time  2:51
23.Gimme Some Lovin'  2:59
24.Back Into My Life Again  2:26
25.I'm A Man  2:56
26.Blues In F  3:27

Muff Winwood - Bass
Pete York - Drums
Steve Winwood - Organ, Lead Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Vocals
Spencer Davis - Rhythm Guitar

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