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US Apple Corps - Let The Music Take Your Mind 1976 (Repost)

Biography : U.S. Apple Corps was an American Christian Hard/Blues/Psych Rock band. A new male singer takes over most of the lead vocals, pouring it on with a fervency equal to his female predecessor. And while their debut was strictly standards, Let The Music Take Your Mind is comprised mostly of original material. The music is both heavier and more diverse, including some blues-rock moves on the gospelly ‘That’s What My Man Is For’ and the throbbing slow burner ‘Closer To The Man’. The flames rage outta control on the Southern-styled ‘Dead’ featuring slamming triple guitar action. ‘Get High On Jesus’ was also covered on the mega-rare Earthen Vessel monster. Wild colorful psychedelic praying-hands-cross-Afro-head cover.

01.Let The Music Take Your Mind 0:48
02.Elijah Stone 2:55
03.Prayer For Peace 2:35
04.Make Up Your Mind 2:47
05.Listen To Me 2:38
06.Dead 6:40
07.Get High On Jesus 3:12
08.Silverfield Lady 2:51
09.Don't Do Me Nothing 2:47
10.Closer To The Man 3:41
11.That's What My Man Is For 4:48
12.Let The Musisc Take Your Mind-Out 0:49

Bryant Sterling (aka Denis Bryant) - vocals
Jeff Pocoro - drums
Tommy Shaw - lead guitar
Jacob Stokes - bass

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flac + scans

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getting an error message on this one Thanks Bill

24HOURDEJAVU ha detto...

I am sorry to ask again but the link on this post keeps telling me there is an error If you will look at it again for me I would appreciate it The netk page comes up to hit the download link after entering the capcha but to no avail Thanks Bill

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thanks for the information

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