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M.O.T.U.S. - Machine Of The Universal Space (2010 Flawed Gems) 1972

Biography : Psych Jazzy Prog (France), Original release 1972. Feat. Ian Jelfs , future member of french prog group "Alice". Prog rock with jazz influences. In some tracks you can here strong influences of early Caravan. Some guitar parts are in style of early Allan Holdsworth playing. Great Hammond organ sounds in classic rock style. Guitar and vocalist play before (with Mell Collins) in legendary Circus band.

M.O.T.U.S. were a French progressive band that had a very English sound, due largely to the fact that they had an English singer in Ian Jelfs (formerly of the UK band Circus). Their material was heavish, with quite a few jazzy chord progressions and guitar parts. To be honest with you, their material was pretty good, but nothing to get all that excited about, and their sound was maybe like a cross between early Caravan (with the organ style) and some of the more "rock-based" Vertigo acts.

The only album from the Frech progressive quartet (inc. one British member) appeared on the market in 1972 (on a small Connection label) and featured English lyrics sung by Ian Jelfs - former guitarist of the UK progressive rock formation Circus (of Mel Collins fame). This rare album will certainly delight the majority of fans of early Caravan, Traffic and Brian Auger's Trinity (circa 1970) - with dominant and powerful Hammond organ sounds; tight rhythm section and impressive, jazzy guitar licks (somewhat similar to Allan Holdsworth and Robert Fripp). This LP doesn't contain any fillers and certainly belongs to the top of the early 70's French progressive rock. This CD has been carefully remastered (from original source) and sounds deliciously! Flawed Gems

01.Let It Get Higher 3:41
02.Summer Song 3:36
03.Ba'albeck Stone 3:39
04.Out in the Open 3:50
05.Green Star 3:22
06.Taihnanaco Road 3:10
07.Aldebarente 4:54
08.Mesopotamie Natale 5:40
09.Proxima 2:41

Ian Jelfs - guitar, lead vocal
Michel Coeuriot - organ, keyboards, vocal, percussion
Gilles Papiri - bass guitar, percussion
Philippe Combelle - drums, percussion

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Aera created in 1972 by the guitarist Muck Groh (formerly with Ihre Kinder).In 1973 joined saxophonist Klaus Kreuzeder to the group founded a commune in an old villa in Mechelwind in Erlangen. It was only in 1975 was published the debut album of the Franks - "Humanum Est" - on the band's own label Erlkönig. This was followed, accompanied by many line-up changes (there were, for example, contacts with Missus Beastly, Guru Guru and Embryo) five more LPs:"Hand Und Fuss"(1976),"Türkis"(1979),"Live"(1980),"Too Much"(1981) and"Akataki"(1981).In 1978 won competition Aera Deutsche Phono-Akademie in Munich the first prize in the category Jazz.
The early 80s, the group fell apart.

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