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John Martyn - Bless The Weather (2005 Island Remaster) 1971

 Biography: Bless the Weather, the first release following two records with his wife Beverley, is a transitional effort for John Martyn. The Glasgow-born singer-songwriter's third solo album emphasizes a darker, smokier sound built around his increasingly jazzy vocals, plus sometimes aggressive, sometimes gentle acoustic guitar work, and Danny Thompson's double bass, which skirts in and out around Martyn's voice and guitar. It also contains the extended instrumental "Glistening Glyndebourne," which highlights his early experimentation with the Echoplex, a sound that would become a major part of his work in the coming years. Bless the Weather, with songs such as the title cut and "Head and Heart," stands as a fine representation of Martyn's early work.

01.Go Easy 4:15
02.Bless the Weather 4:29
03.Sugar Lump 3:43
04.Walk to the Water 2:49
05.Just Now 3:39
06.Head and Heart 4:54
07.Let The Good Things Come 3:05
08.Back Down The River 2:40
09.Glistening Glyndebourne 6:30
10.Singing In The Rain 1:28
Bonus tracks Recorded at a demo session, Sound Technique Studios, Chelsea 16 April 1969
11.Walk To The Water (Take 3) 3:34
12.Bless the Weather (Take 4) 5:37
13.Back Down The River (Take 1) 2:44
14.Go Easy (Take 1) 4:39
15.Glistening Glyndebourne (Take 2) 7:48
16.Head and Heart (Band Version) 10:17
17.May You Never (Single Version) 2:45

John Martyn:
John Martyn - vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards
Richard Thompson - guitar
Smiley DeJonnes - percussion
Beverley Martyn - guitar, vocals
Danny Thompson - double bass
Tony Reeves - double bass, bass guitar
Ian Whiteman - keyboards
Roger Powell - drums

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flac cue log scans

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks Solidboy. An unconventional but very good folk artist.

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