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Fuse - Fuse (2001 Rewind) 1969

Biography:Fuse's sole album is only worth paying attention to if you're a Cheap Trick fan and want a curious glimpse of what Rick Nielsen and Tom Peterson were up to roughly five years before they formed the band for which they're really famous. In Fuse, they and three other musicians played ordinary late-'60s hard rock, influenced by the Yardbirds and Cream, and perhaps a bit of Arthur Brown in the operatic vocals and classical-tinged keyboards, but with a Midwestern industriousness. Actually, it seems a little ahead of its time in how the songwriting, hard rock/organ combinations, long winding melodic progressions, and overly serious belting vocals of Joe Sundberg anticipate some early-'70s hard rock/prog rock crossover albums. Being on the cutting edge of that particular trend is not especially praiseworthy, since the crunching songs aren't too good or memorable. Review by Richie Unterberger

01.Across The Skies 4:35
02.Permanent Resident 4:22
03.Show Me 4:13
04.To Your Health 6:00
05.In A Window 5:54
06.4/4 3/4 3:58
07.Mystery Ship 3:22
08.Sad Day 5:49
09.Hound Dog (Bonus Track) 2:45
10.Cruisin' For Burgers (Bonus Track) 4:55

Rick Nielsen - rhythm guitar, keyboards
Tom Peterson - bass
Craig Myers - lead guitar
Chip Greenman - drums
Joe Sundberg - vocals

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Fuse, [Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson] (Epic, 1969)
Famous mainly for having a back cover that features a photo of Rick Nielsen without a baseball cap, this garagey tribute to early Deep Purple doesn't really do much to encourage repeat listens. Maybe the problem is the fact that Capless Rick mostly plays keyboards not guitar, or maybe it's the fact that Petersson hasn't yet added the second "s" to his surname, or maybe it's the awful singer. Whatever the cause, there is simply no way this would be remembered at all, even by the parents of those involved, had two of the band members not later become famous. Sez Rick: "The guys we were with were all rinky dinks; they’re probably pumping gas now." Fuse offers a fascinating glimpse into the musical beginnings of Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson before superstardom beckoned as members of Cheap Trick, but it also stands on its own as a prime example of keyboard driven psychedelic pop, circa 1969. Rewind proudly announces the re-release of the complete 8 song Epic album by Fuse with 2 bonus tracks.
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