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Azitis - Help (Elco Records Vinyl 2000 Remaster) 1970

Biography : It's hard to believe but there was a time when the only guitars ever heard on a gospel album were steel guitars, the organs were pipe NOT Hammond, and the lead singer had long hair because it was the pastor's daughter. In the late 60s, that began to change as a handful of groups recorded music that was rock and roll with lyrics focused on Christian themes. Azitis (meaning let it be on Earth "as it is" in Heaven) was one of those, a California quartet featuring Don Lower on bass, Michael Welch on guitars and flute, Dennis Sulliven on organ and piano, and Steve Nelson on drums.
The album was conceived as a concept album, taking the Earth from Creation through Judgement Day. Obviously such an ambitious undertaking would be difficult to do well in a single disc, and it isn't really fully realized. While a 1970 release, it sounds more late 60s thanks to the organ, lengthy tracks, and spiritually searching lyrics, though the guitars here are more restrained than Iron Butterfly, Cream or some of their other late 60s brethren. Best cuts on here are the warning about phony spiritual leaders in "The Prophet" (which has the gutsiest guitar and some frenzied organ), "From this Place" which probably is the most "acid" of the bunch with plenty of swirling organ and pounding drum, and "Judgement Day" which turns into a loping bass and flute groove about halfway in. The CD has two early singles for Capitol records (While still recording under the name "Help") as bonus tracks. Of the two, "Questions Why" is clearly superior and probably the most commercial of any of the tunes on the CD. The big downfall for the CD is sound quality. The band's official site claims this was remastered from original master tapes but if it was the remaster was poor. Every track has what sounds like the pops and clicks you get with a vinyl LP. The sound isn't awful...but it sounds like a decent LP copy rather than a true remastered CD release.
This will be of interest primarily to those interested in the beginnings of the Christian rock scene and fans of late 60s era rock.

01.Creation, Lord I Saw You Cry
02.There Is an Answer
03.Who's to Blame
04.Prophet, The
05.Time Has Passed
06.From This Place
07.Hope to Save
08.Judgement Day
09.Life Worth Living
10.Questions Why

Don Lower - vocals, bass
Steve Nelson - vocals, drums
Michael Welch - guitar
Dennis Sulliven - keyboards

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac+log+cue+scans 350 Mb
Pass : Azitis

Anonimo ha detto...

Thank you! I wish I could find more of the XIAN psych/prog/rock, etc...(especially in glorious flac!)... It has a particular charm to it. More, more, more :-) Again, thanks for all the reups!!!

~ knut

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