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Sahara - Sunrise 1974

Sahara is a mid-70's act that produced two albums, but prior to that they'd worked and released another as Subject ESQ. The music is rather typical early 70s proto-prog with elements of Jethro Tull (for the flute-guitar interplay), early YES, and the occasional saxophone riffs remind of early Van Der Graaf Generator. There are some spacier and/or symphonic parts that recall Nektar, Genesis (around "Trespass"), and maybe early Eloy. With the arrival of ex-Out Of Focus Hennes Henring on keyboards, the band continued under the new name Sahara after this album. Sunrise has been a minor classic , especially for its sidelong epic title track. Their second album, "For All The Clowns", is straighter with an overdose of progressive influences, notably Focus, Yes and Caravan and a potpourri styles.
01.Marie Celeste 7:37
02.Circles 4:42
03.Rainbow Rider 8:41
04.Sunrise 27:12

Henner Hering - keyboards
Michael Hofmann - woodwinds, Moog, Mellotron, vocals
Alex Pittwohn - harmonica, tenor saxophone, vocals
Harry Rosenkind - drums, tuned percussion
Stefan Wissnet - lead vocals, bass
Nicholas Woodland - guitars

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