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Orange Peel - Orange Peel (Digipack) 1970

Orange Peel is one of the first heavy progressive german act. The band was formed in 1968 by Peter Bischof, Leslie Link, Heinrich Mohn, Ralph Wilrheiss and Curt Cress, a young drummer of 17 years. They spearheaded the Krautrock movement with Faust and Amon Duul II by adding powerful organ playing to raw psychedelic rock. However, Orange Peel released only one album, and disbanded immediately after in 1970. Most members pursued their careers with another progressive bands. The bassist Helmut Mohn replaced Michael Ertl in Epsilon, while Peter Bischof joined Emergency and Curt Cress went to many bands like Emergency, Passport and Atlantis. Their unique album was recorded at the end of 1969. Mostly featuring long tracks, the record is undoublty one of the most heavy psychedelic organ-based progressive albums of its time, with elongated solos of angry organ and guitar, announcing the debut albums from Eloy and Grobschnitt.Little known, Orange Peel was one of the main bands from early Krautrock. Recommended to all raw space rock lovers !

01.You Can't Change Them All 18:15
02.Faces That I Used To Know 3:12
03.Tobacco Road 7:16
04.We Still Try To Change 10:04

Orange Peel:
Curt Cress - drums, percussion
Peter Bischof - percussion, vocals
Leslie Link - guitar
Heinrich Mohn - bass
Ralph Wiltheiß - organ

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Orange Peel was a resident of the Hessian Brothers Grimm Hanau band that existed from 1968 to 1971. Stylistically, showed the five musicians inspired by the blues,and Jimi Hendrix. In particular,the guitarist Leslie Link zealous audible after the sophisticated technology of the prematurely deceased, strings magician from Seattle. A roaring organ Hammond moved the sound of the published in 1970 only album noticeable in psychedelic heights. In extravagant improvisations compositions unfolded despite its unmistakable Blue foundation a progressive character and moving in herbaceous climes. Orange Peel,incidentally, were the first station of the German legend drummer Curt Cress ( Emergency,Passport,Atlantis, triumvirate,etc.) which could provide at the age of just 17 years impressively demonstrates his skill. Also,over thirty years after its dissolution,there are the musicians of Orange Peel together at irregular intervals to give occasional concerts in their home town of Hanau. But then,the repertoire includes almost all cover versions of several classic Blue and Hendrix compositions. Even such popular songs like the Stones "Satisfaction" are fond of songs belonged under the very well-attended performances.

Orange Peel their album untitled,was released originally on label Bellaphon (BLPS 19036) in 1970 under the direction of Dieter Dierks. In his " hallowed halls " in Köln at Stommeln created numerous classic Krautrock and also the only album by Orange Peel has several " herb Features " on . It can be regarded as a stylistic link between the psychedelic legacy of the late 60s and the just burgeoning self-awareness of the rock scene in German lands.

Based on an audible Blue foundation ventured the young musicians from Hessen in the depths of psychedelic rock that particular presents itself in 18:18 minutes long opener "You Can not Change Them All" in the wild improvisations, where a dissolute string processing in the best Hendrix - style and organs Hammond,squabbles in energetic fashion duel. In this psychedelic - spacey braid then sneak even subtle Heavy elements that are reminiscent of Deep Purple. Short term gives the percussion sound even reminiscent of Santana Latin element. Iron Butterfly also can be cited as further inspiration. The pathetic vocals of frontman Peter H. Bishop gives the whole thing a typical Teutonic character who fits perfectly, with the unpolished rough heavy psychedelic character of the song material. Friends of the dirty sounds of the Hammond organ are the herbal- indigenous titles certainly find favor right away and this keyboard instrument is so manic woven into the sound,so it is no wonder that even today still speaks of the "pig organ". Although these raw,blues based gait is in no way directly comparable to the British progressive rock imprint ,moving away confidently Orange Peel from the common pattern of rock music and were in energetic instrumental parts of their ingenuity run wild. With the cover of Blue classic "Tobacco Road" Blue inspiration was paid tribute.

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