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Iron Butterfly with Pinera - Rhino - Metamorphosis (Japan SHM CD) 1970

On Ball, Iron Butterfly began to expand its sound, attempting to write more concisely. On Metamorphosis, the group continued its musical explorations, adding a layered production to its sound. This ambition, highlighted by a handful of strong tracks, particularly the single "Easy Rider (Let the Wind Pay the Way)," makes for an interesting listen, since Iron Butterfly's albums can be weighed down by their relentless heaviness.

01.Free Flight 0:40
02.New Day 3:08
03.Shady Lady 3:50
04.Best Years Of Your Life 3:55
05.Slower Than Guns 3:37
06.Stone Believer 5:20
07.Soldier In Our Town 3:10
08.Easy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way) 3:06
09.Butterfly Bleu 14:03

Iron Butterfly:
Lee Dorman - Bass
Ron Bushy - Drums
El Rhino - Guitar
Mike Pinera - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Doug Ingle - Lead Vocals, Organ

Richard Podolor - Sitar, Twelve-string Guitar
Bill Cooper - Twelve-string Guitar

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