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Laghonia - etcetera 1971

Their two LP's "Glue" and "Etcetera" are recorded almost on the run because on those days in Lima the studios were not the most advanced plus very expensive. It's important to notice that a great part of their material is based on personal experiences, for example, Lima is a city where never rains but one Monday night there was a heavy and absolutely unusual rain, so Samuel and Saul wrote Everybody on Monday, another day they were talking about life after death and immediately got the idea for Someday, which IMO is a masterpiece. While recording their last album Etcetera, Eddy and Alex left the band in order to make a spiritual journey. So Manuel, Saul, Carlos and David finished the album, but soon after the band broke, but not without leaving behind a great musical legacy that proved they were probably the Peruvian band of the 60's that was closer (if not part) of Progressive Rock genre. In their music you could hear the influences of Jimmy Hendrix Experience , Cream, Vanilla Fudge , Spirit and blues. Both Laghonia albums, "Glue" and "EtCetera" belong to most legendary and best South American psychedelic collector albums, besides "La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata", "Modulo 1000", "Traffic Sound?, definitely a must for sixties garage and psychedelic rock freaks.
Cornejo brothers and Carlos Salom later formed We All Together, more oriented towards the lighter side of the Beatles (Paul McCartney and The Wings) music, but that's another story. Just found that Laghonia has recently released new album with rare versions and previously unreleased material named "Unglue", which I believe it's worth buying.
Thanks to adamus67

01.Someday 3:15
02.Mary Ann 5:09
03.I'm a Nigger 3:39
04.Everybody on Monday 4:45
05.Lonely People 4:52
06.Speed Fever 5:55
07.Oh! Tell Me Julie 2:43
08.It's Marvelous 3:09
09.World Full of Nuts 3:46
10.We All 3:04

Saúl Cornejo - guitar, piano, vocals, guitar (12 string acoustic)
Davey Levene - guitar, vocals
Ernesto Samamé - bass (electric)
Carlos Salom - organ (Hammond B2)
Manuel Cornejo - drums
Alex Abad - percussion
Carlos Guerrero - vocals (background)

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