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Wicked Minds - Witchflower 2006

"Witchflower" is our fourth studio record .We think that the song-writing, performance and sound make this one our best work since the beginning even though, quoting Ken Hansley cover notes from “The magician‘s birthday”, we thought the same about the previous records and we’ll probably think the same about the new ones to come. The opening track ”Through my love” dates back to 1993 and it’s been rearranged for the new line-up, a catchy up-beat reflecting Wicked Minds hard roots.”Witchflower”, the title-track, pretty much sums up the new direction we wanted to follow on this record; a melodic intro makes way to a hard rock advancing where voice, guitar, and Moog get their own room to express. ”A child and a mirror” is the most introspective song of the record with the most articulated sounding: inspired vocal nuances now whispered now screamed and the melting between electric and acoustic sounds make this seven minutes song a changing musical palette. ”Here comes the king” was written two weeks before we got in the recording studio, it’s a “Wicked “classic cut, pounding and rattling, great vocal harmonies and a ravaging Hammond solo amplified in the Marshall. ”Before the morning light” is one of the first songs written for the new record and sure a complex one. Classical recalls and the evocative use of acoustic guitars, Mellotron and Minimoog take your mind back to hard prog classics at the beginning of 70’s. ”Burning tree” is an acoustic moment that re-propose ”Garden of burning tree” lyrics from our first record. The dreaming vocals enrich the acoustic guitars phrasing by Lucio and J.C., while the flute and Waldorf synthesizer tell us wondrous stories embroidering suggesting melodic lines. ”Shadows train” is a track written two days before the recording sessions this is why it sounds so straight, fresh and aggressive. It has a simple structure letting us go with our solos the way we love it. This is the perfect stepping-stone for Andrea’s unique drumming who can feel free to show off his powerful 70’s style. ”Black Capricorn fire” is the song nobody would expect from us. The five fourth rhythm section, the smooth vocals, the Hammond and guitars clean sounds are replaced in the second part by refined and soothing melodies where the flute flies light and free. ”The court of the satyr” is the second acoustic moment of the record. J.C.’s guitar plays some medieval and ethereal melodies flying the listener to wide green expanses, to land in the end on the sidereal spaces with the ARP intro of “Sad woman” a dark heavy sounding song based on a powerful guitar riff and on an acid synthesizer. The second part is a small tribute to some blacksploitation atmospheres, wah wah strumming, percussions and Rhodes piano, where vocals trips bring back Plant’s memory. From the sidereal spaces it’s a ride back to plunge into the dark ”Scorpio Oyissey” the most complex and far the longest track on the album. The three parts of the song end with an astonishing saxophone solo going on until the end ex- abrupto. We ended the record with “Soldier of fortune” a Deep purple cover, paying homage to a band we undeniably love. We tried to stick to the original version though we enriched it a little with our typical sound and mark and a heartfelt instrumental coda. Great performance by J.C. on a song which is sure not easy to measure on. We are aware we are going to ask something more to our listeners with “Witchflower”, in that it is a complex record and not at all an immediate one. We hope with all our hearts it will pass on all the love and passion we put into it.

01.Through My Love 5:04
02.Witchflower 4:44
03.A Child and a Mirror 7:14
04.Here comes The King 3:45
05.Before The Morning Light 8:00
06.Burning Tree 4:35
07.Shadows Train 5:24
08.Black Capricorn Fire 8:17
09.The Court of The Satyr 2:42
10.Sad Woman 9:14
11.Scorpio Odyssey 13:23
12.Soldiers of Fortune 6:21

Wicked Minds:
J.C. Cinel - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Lucio Calegari - Guitar, Vocals
Enrico Garilli - Bass Guitar
Paolo "Apollo" Negri - Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Piano
Tony "Face" Bacciocchi - Congas
Andrea Concarotti - Drums
Gianni Azzali - Flute, Saxophone

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Solidboy ha detto...

Flac Cue Log Scans 593 Mb

Anonimo ha detto...

Great band! Great sound! Thanks for the discovery!

Sergey ha detto...

Cool band. Excellent stuff. thank you very much

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