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Quiver - Quiver (Wounded Bird Records 2008) 1971

Quiver was formed by Tim Renwick and Honk (bass) who’d formerly been with Junior’s Eyes, together with Cal Batchelor. Honk soon departed and the line-up was completed by Pete Thomas (ex-Village) and John Wilson (formerly with Cochise).

Quiver’s main claim to fame was to play the first set at The Rainbow in Finsbury Park, London, supporting The Who. Their albums hadn’t really made much impression and lacked strong material. So in 1972 all of them (except Batchelor) amalgamated with folk-rock act The Sutherland Brothers with whom they went on to enjoy some success.

Renwick and Thomas later played for Bridget St. John. Batchelor later formed 747 and Kicks, but both bands were short-lived. Renwick now plays guitar in Pink Floyd’s live tours. Thomas was later in Elvis Costello’s Attractions. (Prairie Prince Minsky)

01.Glad I Came Around - 5:06
02.Down Your Way - 3:44
03.Killer Man - 8:00
04.Take A Train - 5:15
05.Cool Evening - 4:07
06.Barnes County - 4:25
07.Back On The Road - 3:07
08.Just Loving You - 1:56
09.Reason For Staying - 7:00

Tim Renwick - Guitar
Cal Batchelor - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Bruce Thomas - Bass
John 'Willie' Wilson - Drums
Dick Parry - Sax

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