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Julius Victor - From The Nest 1969

Another undiscovered and very rare CD from 1969. With heavy influences of Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane, this album features prominent organ and was produced by the famous jazz musician Ahmad Jamal.
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01.Stubborn Kind of Woman 3:39
02.Legend of the Indian Boy 4:57
03.Black Knife 3:55
04.Circus Lady 4:49
05.Break Song 1:24
06.Judiann 2:59
07.Fall of Days 12:44
08.Slide Rule 3:37

Julius Victor:
Larry "Zea" Engstrom - drums, vocals
Jim Cutsinger - bass
Mark Schneider - guitar
Kimball Lea - organ

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Solidboy ha detto...

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adamus67 ha detto...

This lesser known band from the New York area made this sole album produced by jazz musician Ahmad Jamal. It was an organ driven, rock band with a convincing emotional rock singer, in a way I have heard it equally convincing before by some known bands which at the moment I cannot recall, but it was something in between Uriah Heep and Arthur Brown which might give you an idea of its format and sound. This band goes beyond rock and blues with a heavy soulful rock vibe which has theatrical descriptive power. There's one small joke song, a kitschy barrol organ traditional (again, where's my memory when I need it) with the singer freaking out with country screams. And there's a convincing longer organ/bass led improvisation on “Fall of Days”, as well as reel magnum opus, over the 11-minute jazzy The concluding track is less surprising bluesy rocker but with a good electric guitar solo and fine breaks with organ which Lee in particular shines through,that compensate fully for it.

Musically, Julius Victor operates the tempo, and quite strongly percolate with strong influences from blues and jazz, vocals are mostly a bit monotonous R & B-based rip it up. American band of their mind can come from. Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge, and H. P. Lovecraft, but occasionally stray thoughts of early British prog side, for example, Procol Harum and Black Widow of that term life products. Organist / pianist Lee Kimball is undoubtedly king of the group, but it is going very well from other job. The covers disc does not have information on who the guys take care of the vocal parts. However, I suspect strongly that there is also a drummer Lawrence "Zea" Engstrom. Why is that? Well, because of all the album's eight rallies are his, however, has been a partner in two keyboardist Lee.

A great album which for its convincing sound should be listed amongst similar sounding greats of around, the this same period,at the same time it is an excellent example of an album that gets the attention on which it merits only that tens decades after the release This Christmas 1969 at the prestigious Record Plant in the recorded disc is otherwise produced jazz dude in partnership with Ahmad Jamal and Jamil Sulieman Nasser. In fact, the album released AJP Records was part of the Ahmad Jamal Production Corporation.

@Solidboy: thanks for sharing...perform a good job!so keep! buddy.

Solidboy ha detto...

thanks for the information adamus67. It is the information I was looking for and I have not found. many thanks

adamus67 ha detto...

No problem, buddy all my pleasure, thanks for the kind words
all the best!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi there, could you please re-up this album?

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