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Billy Nicholls - Would You Believe 1968

Billy Nicholls' stillborn 1968 album does indeed recall the Beach Boys' 1966-19 67 era, not just due to Nicholls' melodies and high, versatile vocals, but also the production of Andrew Oldham, an avowed fan of Phil Spector and Pet Sounds. Although very attractive, however, the songs and production do not have the depth and emotional resonance of Pet Sounds. This is not a knock; Nicholls was very young at the time, after all, and it's hard to match Brian Wilson, though Oldham pulled out a bunch of tricks with baroque keyboards, tasteful brass, and airy multi-part harmonies. As with the Oldham-produced cuts done by Del Shannon in the same era, the deftly elaborate L.A.-meets-London semi-Wall of Sound is more impressive than the pretty but often rather slight material. It's still a pleasurable listen, with the more acoustic and darker "Come Again" slightly foreshadowing the kind of sound Pete Townshend would employ on much of Who Came First, and "Girl from New York" (with Steve Marriott on lead guitar) going for a gutsier British rock vibe. The CD reissue (on the Immediate imprint, but actually put out by the British reissue label Sequel) includes mono single versions of "Would You Believe?" and "Daytime Girl" as bonus tracks.

01.Would You Believe? - 2:41
02.Come Again - 2:34
03.Life Is Short - 3:07
04.Feeling Easy - 3:12
05.Daytime Girl - 2:14
06.Daytime Girl (Coda) - 1:36
07.London Social Degree - 2:20
08.Portobello Road - 2:05
09.Question Mark - 2:26
10.Being Happy - 2:28
11.Girl From New York - 3:16
12.It Brings Me Down - 4:39
Bonus Track: 
13.Would You Believe (Mono Single Version)
14.Daytime Girl (Mono Single Version)

Billy Nicholls - vocals, acoustic guitar, background vocals
Joe Moretti - electric guitar
Steve Marriott - electric guitar, background vocals
Big Jim Sullivan - acoustic guitar
John Paul Jones - bass
Ronnie Lane - bass, background vocals
Jerry Shirley, Kenney Jones - drums
Nicky Hopkins, Ian McLagan, Caleb Quaye - keyboards
Barry Husband, Denny Gerrard - background vocals
Arthur Greenslade, John Paul Jones - arrangements

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac+cue+log+scans 256 mb

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi there,

Thk u for the Billy Nicholls,Would You Believe... I.m looking for that work, one eternity.
Can u surprise me with G. Wayne Thomas, from down under, and The Square Set, That.s What I Want, from South Africa.

Thks for ur good will
A. Vaz

Tonypop ha detto...

un dei miei dischi preferiti, would you believè è puro pop barocco, ho letto da qualche parte che billy nicholls ha dovuto ricomprarsi il disco pagandolo una fortuna,non aveva neanche più la sua copia personale.

èuino dei dischi più rari in assoluto.

FLAVIOLA ha detto...

Could you re-up link? THANK YOU!!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Solidboy,
Please could you reupload this album? Thanks,

Scion ha detto...

link is dead

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