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Oberon - A Midsummer's Night Dream 1971

Although Oberon's sole, excruciatingly rare album (pressed in a quantity of just 150 in its first release) isn't in first-echelon or perhaps even second-echelon early-'70s British folk-rock, it's agreeable, with the kind of haunting melodic sense typical of the style in those days. Even for a genre as tilted toward mildness as early British folk-rock, this is pretty mild, and its fidelity is a little muffled, at least on the 1995 CD reissue. But it's not lightweight -- the songs have a pleasingly sober, introspective, slightly bittersweet quality, though at times the male vocals tend toward an almost self-parodic stridency and are overly serious. Some flute (in fact "Syrinx" is all unaccompanied flute) adds to the isolated-in-the-forest quality, as if you've come across a field of nomads playing for their own edification rather than a group of musicians making a recording to be distributed. The musical setting's not unlike some of the starkest work of British troubadours like Nick Drake or Sandy Denny, though of course Drake and Denny were much better singers and composers (not to mention recorded with much more professionalism).

01.Nottanum Town 4:50
02.Peggy 2:44
03.The Hunt 8:55
04.Syrinx 2:50
05.Summertime 5:04
06.Time Past, Time Come 3:50
07.Minas Truth 8:21
08.Epitaph 3:35

Chris Smith - guitars
Julian Smedley - violin, vocals
Charles Seaward - flute
Jan Scrimgeour - guitar, vocals
Nick Powell - percussion
Bernie Birchall - bass
Robin Clutterbuck - guitar, female vocals

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac+log+cue+scans 207 mb

doors97426 ha detto...


How can i get that picture of the route 66 highway you have..I would love to have it as my background picture..That is awesome


Anonimo ha detto...

@doors: link to the image here.
Cool pic indeed!

doors97426 ha detto...

thanks for the link to that awesome image of route 66

juan manuel muñoz ha detto...

Muchas gracias mi hermano. saludos

wcpaeb ha detto...

Thanks for the FLAC and scans of this rare folk-rock LP

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