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Mike Tingley ‎- The Abstract Prince 1968

It's a true hidden treasure, a real gem of early pop psych folk, with nice vocals, well-crafted songs, interesting orchestral and baroque arrangements and so cool 60's vibes. It's the sole LP of this Californian artist, released in Holland in 1968. It has an impressive opening with the totally Barrett-with-strings "A Real Fine Time". A rather rich production - the basic rock instruments with something like a strings ensemble - often creating an amazing wall-of-sound, contrasting with the unusual melodic lines that Tingley uses in several tracks. This is rather different from the use of strings in other psychedelic records, like in "Forever Changes" and closer to Phil Spector's way. Sometimes flutes, layered vocals, tablas and acoustic guitars are used to give the desired psychedelic (or folky in a few cases) sound. Very very English. Would be a nice piece of English psychedelia if he wasn't American...
I wouldn't know if the producer, Tony Vos (also jazz saxophonist and DJ in famous Radio Veronica) or Mike Tingley himself had studied the Beatles' arrangements in Rubber Soul or Sgt.Pepper that was released a little earlier, but this album is standing between the psychedelic era of the Byrds, Syd Barrett and Sgt. Pepper. True masterpiece !!! This brilliant record remains undiscovered until today with the just out CD reissue. Discogs

01.A Real Fine Time 2:49
02.Begin The Sun 2:54
03.Connected To Nothing 1:43
04.Emotions And May 2:58
05.Monotony's Message 3:31
06.See The People 2:15
07.Abstract Prince 2:58
08.Of Sand 1:29
09.Of Soul And Deed 2:58
10.I Weep 3:16
11.It's Time To Leave Her 2:48
12.Crossroads 1:57

Mike Tingley - guitar, vocals

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac + log + cue + covers 214 Mb

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks very much, Solidboy. Excellent album!

juan manuel muñoz ha detto...

muchas gracias, saludos

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