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Mariani - Perpetuum Mobile 1970

Sonobeat pressed 100 copies of this Austin-based outfit's album which they tried to sell to United Artists. Musically they were very heavy with plenty of good guitar work but perhaps too much instrumentation. They won a good 'live' reputation but sadly broke up before Sonobeat concluded their negotiations with United Artists. Erik Johnson was a brilliant 16 year old guitarist who still has a considerable reputation as a guitarist in the 1980s with another Texan band Electromagnetics. His guitar work was also much in evidence on their second 45. The first was a pair of drum solos backed by studio electronics. The reissue of their album is obviously welcome because copies of the promotional-only release were very rare indeed. Fuzz Acid & Flowers

01.Searching for a New Dimension 5:40
02.Re-Birth Day 5:52
03.Things Are Changing 4:42
04.Lord, I Just Can't Help Myself 2:55
05.The Unknown Path 5:58
06.Euphoria 11:24
07.Message 2:19
08.Windy Planet 6:10
09.Re-Birth Day (bonus) 3:06
10.Memories (bonus) 2:08

Eric Johnson - guitar, vocals
Vince Mariani - drums, vocals
Jay Podolnick - bass, vocals

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