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Godz ‎- The Third Testament (Vinyl) 1968

Although they went on to record into the 1970s, this is the last decent Godz record, primarily because it's the last one that incorporates their distinctive meandering and lack of technical merit with their growing interest in psychedelic rock. True Godz fanatics will tell you that Third Testament is a significant dropoff from Two, but not to these ears. And while it doesn't pack the visceral wallop of Contact High, there's enough dementia here for a lifetime of fun.

Tracklist :
01.Ruby Red 2:26
02.Eeh Ooh 2:43
03.Down By The River 3:45
04.First Multitude 12:12
05.A B C 3:35
06.Walking Guitar Blues 2:56
07.Neet Street 2:49
08.Womban 3:35
09.K L M 2:37
10.In My Shadow 1:15
11.Like A Sparrow 2:10
12.Quack (I'm A Quack) 2:36
13.The Mind 0:45

Godz :
Jim McCarthy - Guitar, Vocals
Larry Kessler - Bass, Viola, Vocals
Jay Dillon - Organ, Piano, Autoharp
Paul Thornton - Drums, Vocals

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac + log + cue + scans 230 Mb
pass : Third

kobilica ha detto...

Thanks for chance to hear this album,but the music is not in my domain...

Sergey ha detto...

thanks a lot!

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