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Godz - Godz 2 (Vinyl) 1967

Even further out than Contact High with the Godz, Godz Two is, at times, one of the most deliberately annoying, purposefully incompetent albums ever made. White Light/White Heat has nothing on it, though admittedly the much purer in intent, Philosophy of the World has it beat for sheer cacophony. But it's hard to get one's head around tracks like "Squeak," a nearly five-minute violin solo by Larry Kessler that sounds like what might happen if someone slowly fed a Stradivarius through a crosscut paper shredder, and the bewilderingly random "Riffin'," which sounds like the work of a set of off-their-meds paranoid schizophrenics posing as the Holy Modal Rounders. Other tracks, however, foretell the almost normal pop song direction that the Godz would explore on their next album: "Soon the Moon" and the closing "Permanent Green Light" foreshadow both the streamlined motorik sound of Neu! and other Krautrock-based bands and the inspired amateurism that was the stock in trade of the Flying Nun Records stable in the mid-'80s. A hacksawed cover of the Beatles' "You Won't See Me" splits the difference.

Tracklist :
01.Radar Eyes 2:12
02.Riffin' 3:10
03.Where 4:17
04.New Song 1:44
05.Squeak 4:45
06.Soon the Moon 4:02
07.Crusade 8:37
08.You Won't See Me 5:45
09.Travelin' Salesman 2:07
10.Permanent Green Light 4:02

Godz :
Jim McCarthy - Guitar, Vocals
Larry Kessler - Bass, Viola, Vocals
Jay Dillon - Organ, Piano, Autoharp
Paul Thornton - Drums, Vocals

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