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Love Live Life + One - Love Will Make A Better You 1971

There were several progressive psychedelic groups in Japan in the early '70s, including the short-lived Love Live Life + One. They played a handful of live shows and only released one LP in 1971, but that record, Love Will Make a Better You, is considered one of the classics of early Japanese psychedelia. Not too much documentation exists about Love Live Life + One, a group of nine musicians. The "Plus One" seems to refer to vocalist Akiri Fuse, who had been singing pop music since the mid-'60s and appearing on LPs since 1967. Otherwise, Love Live Life consisted of Hiro Yanagida on keyboards and organ and Kimio Mizutani on electric guitar, as well as K. Ichihara on flute and sax, T. Yokota on flute and soprano sax, T. Naoi on guitar, M. Terakawa on bass, C. Kawachi on drums, and N. Kawahara on percussion.

01.The Question Mark 17:57
02.Runnin' Free 3:41
03.Love Will Make A Better You 4:23
04.Shadows Of The Mind 8:42
05.Facts About It All 2:53

L+L+L+One :
Chito Kawachi - drums
N. Kawahara - latin percussion
Masaoki Terakawa - bass
Takao Naoi - guitar
Kimio Mizutani - guitar
Hiro Yanagida - keyboards
Kosuke Ichihara - sax and flute
Toshiaki Yokota - soprano sax and flute
Akira Fuse - vocals

Flac + Complete Scans 261 Mb
Pass : SDB

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