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Leaves - Hey Joe 1966

One of the first L.A. folk-rock groups to spring up in the wake of the Byrds in the mid-'60s, the Leaves are most remembered for recording the first -- and one of the most successful -- rock versions of "Hey Joe," which reached the Top 40 (and was a huge California hit) in 1966. None of their other releases approached this success (although "Too Many People" was a local hit), but the group recorded a fair number of strong covers and original songs during their brief existence. More explicitly Stones and Beatles-influenced than the Byrds, they didn't project as strong an identity as competitors like the Byrds or Love, despite displaying considerable talent for harmony rockers in both the folk-rock and British Invasion styles. After cutting some singles and an album for the tiny Mira label, they moved to Capitol and disbanded after a disappointing follow-up (All the Good That's Happening, 1967) that offered less distinguished material and a more diluted sound. Leaves bassist Jim Pons went on to join the Turtles for a while in the late '60s.

01.Dr.Stone 2:23
02.Just A Memory 2:21
03.Get Out Of My Life Woman 2:51
04.Girl From The East 2:57
05.He Was A Friend Of Mine 3:25
06.Hey Joe! 2:52
07.Words 2:24
08.Back On The Avenue 3:13
09.War Of Distortion 2:13
10.Tobacco Road 2:15
11.Good Bye, My  Love 3:09
12.Too Many People 3:24

Bonus Track
13.Be With You 2:08
14.You Better Move On 2:29
15.That's A Different Story 2:33
16.Love Minus Zero 2:33
17.Funny Little World 2:06

The Leaves :
Jim Pons – bass guitar, vocals, double bass
John Beck – vocals, tambourine, harmonica
Bill Rinehart – lead guitar
Tom Ray – drums
Robert Lee Reiner – rhythm guitar

Flac + Complete Scans 341 Mb 
Pass : SDB

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