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Genesis - In The Beginning 1969

This is not the UK band, this one is better lol. US Psychedelia formed in Los Angeles. this was released in late 1967 on mercury and has heavy Psychedelic windy guitars, Nice old early heavy psych also sounding a little like jefferson airplane but heavier. The last track is something else and over 16 minutes long of psyched out fuzz! This is a must!

01.Angeline 2:52
02.Suzanne 2:59
03.Gloomy Sunday 4:08
04.What It's All About 2:45
05.Mary, Mary 2:39
06.Ten Second Song 3:00
07.Girl Who Never Was 4:01
08.World Without You 16:09

Genesis :
Jack Ttanna - guitar, vocal
Bob Metke - drums
Fred Rivera - bass
Kent Henry - guitar
Sue Richman - vocal
Jimmy Chappell - bass 

Wav + Complete Scans 243 Mb
Pass : SDB

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adamus67 ha detto...

American band from California Genesis. recorded one album "In The Beginning" (Original 1969 US Mercury label) Although never even licked fame, which was attended its English namesake, he left eight interesting songs on the album In The Beginning of 1968. The band's music follows the typical "West Coast", stylistically very close to Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service - a mix of sharp, rock guitars, hippie folk melodies and sounds.

Spirit of Jefferson Airplane rises almost the whole album mainly because Sue Richman singing. Just listen balladowego Suzane or zaśpiewanego a few votes Mary Mary. Czadowo doing at the beginning of the track Angeline album where riff is reminiscent of the legendary Foxy Lady is in a great, dynamic, The Second Song. Stronger songs (mainly because of the guitar solo) resemble, in turn, to Quicksilver Messenger Service (What's It All About). The album is also a place for folk - in the song Gloomy Sunday musicians take us on a magical, hippie world of the past. Somewhat mystically and mysteriously gets also acoustically poignant Girl Who Never Was. The album ends monumental World Without You with intricate, great guitar solo Jack Ttanna.

According to the annals, when Genesis - led by Peter Gabriel appeared to her first album, he could not use his name,since per Great Water the existed is already another Genesis,with this album 'In The Beginning' on your account.

mclehast ha detto...

Thank you! A wonderful album! Now for full happiness group with the same name from Uruguay....

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