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Dogfeet - Dogfeet (Kissing Spell) 1970

Dogfeet formed in the late 60's as a heavy blues band, but after their record deal changed to a sound considered more “commercial”. Their 1970 LP is a highly unusual beast, with subdued dual guitar dualing, echoing vocals and atmospheric percussion and bass…. Sometimes reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac. Currently the original LP is worth over ?500. Their second single was to have been “Mr Sunshine”, a cover of their friends “Andwellas Dream” legendary psychedelic track - but it was withdrawn from release. A recent incarnation of Dogfeet perform a blistering rendition of Mr Sunshine on this CD. Reissue of very rare 1970 UK hard rock album including 6 bonus tracks.

01.Mr. Sunshine
04.On the Road
05.Now I Know
06.For Mary
07.On the Road
09.Now I Know
10.Since I Went Away
12.Evil Women
14.For Mary & Child
15.Voodoo Chile

Dogfeet :
Trevor Povey - Guitars
Alex Pearse - Vocals
Derek Perry - Drums
Dave Nicholls - Bass
Tj - Bass Vocals
Mick - Percussion

Flac + Complete Scans 422 Mb
Pass : SDB

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