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Box Tops - The Letter - Neon Rainbow 1967

It has since been revealed that most of the music on the Box Tops' records -- with the exception of (ironically) "The Letter" -- was done by session men. Even as early as the first album, this method cut both ways. It ensured a Southern soul professionalism that the young band likely couldn't have conjured on their own, but also worked against the development of a solid group identity, particularly as Alex Chilton was allowed to record very little of his own material. In fact, there are no Chilton songs on this debut, a spotty affair showing every indication of having been assembled very quickly in the wake of "The Letter" soaring to number one. Although "The Letter" author Wayne Carson Thompson and the Dan Penn-Spooner Oldham team wrote most of the songs, their blue-eyed soul compositions are surprisingly journeyman, with nothing nearly as outstanding as "The Letter," save maybe the follow-up hit "Neon Rainbow." Chilton's vocals are strong and, for the most part, as gritty as those on "The Letter." Has there every been another case in pop history when a teenager sounded like a wizened adult at the outset of his career, but his voice became higher and more youthful in subsequent years? The 2000 Sundazed reissue adds four bonus tracks: the mono single versions of "The Letter" and "Neon Rainbow," the routine non-LP 45 track "Turn on a Dream," and the previously unreleased "Georgia Farm Boy." The last of these, a plaintive country-soul tune, is credited to "Newbury," presumably Mickey Newbury (the liner notes don't give a first name or initial).

01.The Letter – 1:55
02.She Knows How – 3:08
03.Trains and Boats and Planes – 3:48
04.Break My Mind – 2:29
05.A Whiter Shade of Pale – 4:34
06.Everything I Am – 2:20
07.Neon Rainbow – 3:04
08.People Make the World – 2:31
09.I'm Your Puppet – 2:54
10.Happy Times – 1:46
11.Gonna Find Somebody – 3:02
12.I Pray for Rain – 2:26
Bonus Track :
13.Turn on a Dream – 2:50
14.The Letter – 1:58
15.Neon Rainbow – 3:00
16.Georgia Farm Boy – 3:48

The Box Tops :
Alex Chilton – vocals, guitar
Bill Cunningham – bass
John Evans – keyboards
Danny Smythe – drums
Gary Talley – guitar, background vocals
Dan Penn – background vocals

Flac + Scans 255 Mb
Pass : SDB

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Anonimo ha detto...

I used to have this, but then I didn't... now I've got it again... thanks very much!

Alfredo Aguilar ha detto...

Gracias Amigo!!!, una joya escondida...

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