sabato 30 marzo 2013

Bliss - Return To Bliss 1969

Raw, heavy power trio from Arizona that recorded at Audio Recorders in Phoenix. The album bears no date, but sounds circa 1970 - comparable perhaps to Wildfire, Banchee or Rock Island. Roughly half the album is top-notch hard rock and it seems surprising that it hasn't been reissued.
Despite having a similar catalogue numbering system, this label seems to be unrelated to the New Mexico-based Canyon Records that issued the Xit albums. The liner notes are written by an East Coast DJ who claims to have "watched them work this thing out for the last five years", suggesting that other recordings by this crew may exist. (Clark Faville)

01.Hotche Blues - 4:18
02.Music Train - 3:22
03.Nothing In My Life - 1:53
04.Fear Of Fears - 4:04
05.Reach Out And Touch You - 5:01
06.City Woman - 3:19
07.ippies, Cops And A Bunch Of Rocks - 3:54
08.Sandbox Symphony - 2:25
09.Simply Sunday (By The Sect) - 1:40
10.Just Can’t Win (By The Sect) - 2:10

Bliss :
Rusty Martin - Bass
Brad Reed - Guitar, Vocals
Corky Aldred - Drums, Vocals

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Solidboy ha detto...

Flac + Full Scans 251 Mb
pass : ReBliss

Sergey ha detto...

thank you very much! Cool band

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