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All That The Name Implies - All That The Name Implies 1968

This mellow collection of communal US hippie folk was recorded and barely released in 1968, and went undiscovered for decades. Featuring male and female vocals, strummed 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, congas, flute and tambourine, it’s a lost underground gem that’s bound to appeal to fans of stoned rural psychedelia. The songs range from touching ballads to whimsical ditties and a highly unusual medley in tribute to folk giant Fred Neil. It makes its CD debut here, and comes complete with all four sides of their equally rare and obscure 45s.

01.Lemon Train
02.Your Day
03.Simply Implied
04.So Am I
05.Dedication:Fred Neil(River Trilogy) Noah's Dove/A Man Is/The Water Is. 06.Red Ball
08.The Bells Of The Mountain
09.Mary Maybe
10.August Pine

Bonus tracks
11.Black Tuesday
12.So Am I
14.August Pine

All That The Name Implies :
Roy Jiminez - vocals
Marlene Ryan - vocals, 6-string guitar
Nick Feva - vocals, 12-string guitar
Allan Bree - vocals, guitar
Melinda Parkes - vocals
Emile Latimor - Congas

Flac + Complete Scans 341 Mb
Pass : SDB

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