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Junior's Eyes - Battersea Power Station 1968

Mick Wayne undoubtedly tried hard to be significant and progressive with his songs on Junior's Eyes' sole album. There were meter changes, skilled psychedelic hard rock guitar riffs, and moods both whimsical and cynical throughout. Although the predominant vibe was bluesy psych-prog, there were also quieter, more acoustic interludes. It doesn't add up to much without memorable hooks or vision, though, and the record fails to stick as a noteworthy effort, even by the standards of obscure late-'60s British psychedelia. If you disagree with that assessment, or in any case are still curious enough to track down this collectable release, the 2000 CD reissue on Castle couldn't possibly be a more thoughtful package. In addition to the songs from the original LP, it contains both sides of their three non-LP 1968-1969 singles, four demos of songs from Battersea Power Station, and both sides of the 1967 psych-pop single by the Tickle, Mick Wayne's previous band, along with very extensive historical liner notes. Aside from that Tickle single, the extra material doesn't contain anything too interesting, though a few of the 45 tracks are rather poppier in approach than most of the album. Unintentionally, no doubt, the Tickle gem "Subway (Smokey Pokey World)" blows everything else on the disc to smoke.

01.Total Power - 1:11
02.Circus Days - 3:42
03.Imagination - 6:09
04.My Ship - 2:47
05.Miss Lizzie - 2:53
06.So Embarrassed - 3:18
07.Freakin' - 1:51
08.Playtime - 3:55
09.I'm Drowning - 1:25
10.White Light - 6:38
11.By the Tree - 5:02
12.Mr. Golden Trumpet Player - 2:25
13.Blake Snake - 2:39
14.Woman Love - 2:39
15.Starchild - 3:57
16.Sink or Swim - 3:24
17.Circus Days (Single Version) - 2:56
18.White Light (Demo) - 5:14
19.By The Tree (Demo) - 3:52
20.Imagination (Demo) - 3:46
21.Playtime (Demo) - 3:57
22.(as The Tickle) - Subway (Smokey Pokey World) - 2:39
23.(as The Tickle) - Good Evening - 2:37

Junior's Eyes :
Mick Wayne - Guitar, Vocal
Tim Renwick - Guitar
Graham Kelly - Guitar
John Lodge - Bass
John Cambridge - Drums

Flac + Complete Scans 470 Mb
Pass : SDB

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