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Hot Poop - Does Their Own Stuff 1971

California self-released album from January, 1971.
The ex-hippie, anti-hippe, hippie drop out band Hot Poop were the apocalyptic, “no borders”-types who probably cheered on the Manson Family murders and laughed at Altamont. Hot Poop recorded their one and only LP Does Their Own Stuff! in 1971, and topped off the collection of “songs” with an album cover concept unrivaled in it’s purity of vision. The front photo features all members of the band in a barn, shooting up (except one, who seems to have expired), and to the left of them is a guy taking a dump. On the back, the whole band is gleefully flashing the camera, except all of the male and female genitalia have been reversed. Mark Allencam

01.Let Me Loose 4:01
02.Cruisin Ford 3:28
03.Hard Rock 4:55
04.Wing Wang 3:46
05.Fast Cars and Chicks 2:24
06.Dance to the War 2:58
07.Get It In 3:56
08.A Always Play With My Food 2:50
09.Screamin 2:34
10.My Babys Dead 3:58

Hot Poop :
Larry Praissman - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Tom Burke - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Jim - Bass
Tom Barbour - Drums
Bruce - Drums
Lisa - keyboards, Vocals

Flac + Cmplete Scans 236 Mb
Pass : SDB

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