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Crystal Circus - In Relation To Our Times 1968 (Akarma) Repost for Request

Originally issued as a test pressing on Bill Holmes’ infamous All-American label. Usually, anything connected with All-American gets the obligatory “sounds like Strawberry Alarm Clock” tag.
This is the rare case where that assertion actually happens to be true. The tracks range from the sixties’ punk sound of “Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You”, to “Sweet High”, which perfectly captures those SAC harmonies, along with guitar solos that sound very much like those of Ed King.
The best moment of the proceedings is the heavy psych number “Twisted Conversation”, where vocalist Greg Munford (who also provided lead vocals to the SAC’s “Incense and Peppermints”) gives us the trippiest lyrics this side of Ultimate Spinach. 

01.In Relation (To Our Times) 2:24
02.Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You 2:31
03.Girl Like You 2:12
04.Sittin’ & Thinkin’ 2:07
05.Twisted Conversation 3:38
06.Merry-Go-Round 3:25
07.Circus And Zoo World 2:48
08.Never Again 3:15
09.Castles (In The Sand) 2:57
10.Sweet High 2:50
11.The Difference Between Us 2:26
12.The World Of Seas & Rivers 4.32

Crystal Circus :
Bruce Turner - Guitar,Vocals
Greg Munford - Guitar,Vocals
Bob Feldman - Bass,Vocals
Jack Bielan - Keyboards,Vocals
Gary Solomon - Flute.Sax
Terry Rae - Drums

Flac Tracks+Front+Back 180 Mb
Password : SDB

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Great rare jewel.Thank you...

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