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The Idle Race - Back To The Story (2CD) 1996

"Birthday Party"
01.Skeleton And The Roundabout 2:20
02.Happy Birthday 0:29
03.The Birthday 2:58
04.I Like My Toys 2:12
05.Morning Sunshine 1:48
06.Follow Me Follow 2:48
07.Sitting In My Tree 1:55
08.On With The Show 2:26
09.Lucky Man 2:38
10.Mrs Ward 2:14
11.Pie In The Sky 2:27
12.The Lady Who Said She Could Fly 2:21
13.End Of The Road 2:08

"The Idle Race"
14.Come With Me 2:46
15.Sea Of Dreams 3:15
16.Going Home 3:40
17.Reminds Me Of You 2:57
18.Mr Crow And Sir Norman 3:17
19.Please No More Sad Songs 3:19
20.Girl At The Window 3:44
21.Big Chief Woolly Bosher 5:17
22.Someone Knocking 2:53
23.A Better Life (The Weatherman Knows) 2:48

"Previousely Unrelease"
24.Hurry Up John 3:32
25.Lucky Man 2:35
26.Follow Me Follow 1:55
27.Days Of The Broken Arrows 3:42

"Bonus Tracks"
01.Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree 2:43
02.My Father's Son 2:15
03.Impostors Of Life's Magazine 2:19
04.Knocking Nails Into My House 2:27
05.Days Of The Broken Arrows 3:50
06.Worn Red Carpet 3:04
07.In The Summertime 2:58
08.Told You Twice 3:38
09.Neanderthal Man 3:56
10.Victim Of Circumstance 3:35

"Time Is"
11.Dancing Flower 2:15
12.Sad O'Sad 3:27
13.The Clock 3:23
14.I Will See You 3:11
15.By The Sun 6:42
16.Alcatraz 4:02
17.And The Rain 2:52
18.She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune 3:08
19.Bitter Green 3:44
20.We Want It All 4:13

"The Nightriders"
21.It's Only The Dog 2:16
22.Your Friend 3:25

The Idle Race :
Jeff Lynne - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Dave Walker - vocals
Mike Hopkins - guitars
Dave Pritchard - guitar
Roger Spencer - drums
Greg Masters - bass

Flac CD1 460 Mb
Flac CD2 423 Mb

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