mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Electric Sound Show : CD1 - We All Live On Candy Green

CD1 - We All Live On Candy Green

01.Who Wants Happiness - Tapestry
02.Neweastle Broup - High Street East
03.Find The Lady - Shakane
04.Run Muah Faster - Matchbox
05.I Can't Do It All By Myself - C.M.J.
06.It Wants Be The Same - Gavin Hamilton
07.Thread Of Time - The Scenery
08.I Am... I Think - Grobbert
09.Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire - Clevedonaires
10.Attempted Contact - Gentry
11.My Kind Of Loving - The Motowns
12.God Save Our Gracious Cream - The Motives
13.I Bring The Sun - John Bryant
14.Meter Maid - Rodney Bewes
15.Firday Man - Majority One
16.Ice Woman - The Motives
17.Mind - Eill
18.Pictures Framed In My Mind - Ken Saul
19.Low Toby - Empty Vessels
20.A Hard Day's Night - Majority
21.I Can Hear Colours - The Motives
22.It's A Long Time - The News
23.Baby Of The May - The Motives
24.Na, Na, Na, Na - Izzy Pound
25.Melinda Marie - Blue

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