venerdì 17 febbraio 2012

Deviants - Deviants 3 1969

The Deviants

Billy the Monster 3:26
Broken Biscuits 2:10
First Line (Seven The Row) 2:44
The People Suite 2:24
Rambling B(l)ack Transit Blues 5:37
Death of a Dream Machine 2:50
Playtime 3:06
Black George Does It With His Tongue 1:20
The Junior Narco Rangers 0:28
Lets Drink To the People 1:32
Metamorphosis Explosion 8:57

Mick Farren – lead vocals
Paul Rudolph – Guitar, vocals
Duncan Sanderson – Bass and vocals
Russell Hunter – Percussion, vocals

Flac 187 Mb

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Nazareth ha detto...

Thank you very much!

HangryFreak ha detto...

wellcome back Marco!
Bentornato alle tue passioni musicali, ci avevi lasciati per un po' ...
Grazie per gli ottimi consigli, sempre molto apprezzati, un'ottima compagnia.

thanks a lot for the music.

Enrico aka Capone aka HangryFreak

Solidboy ha detto...

Grazie Enrico ma sai dopo il problema con Megaupload e la cancellazione di quasi tutti i link avevo perso le speranze

Remy ha detto...

Thank-you Solidboy!

DanP ha detto...

Very happy to see new posts here!

adamus67 ha detto...

The third and final Deviants album is primarily heavy guitar tracks. Group completed its activities plate more uniform and less frantic than the two previous titles. Some of the music is still steeped in the spirit of anarchy, but that it is more under the skin, and no longer lined with coffee on the table.... the rebellious spirit of music, he was responsible leader Mick Farren. While new guitarist Paul Rudolph directed the band in a more heavy-rock areas - Deviants familiar, because the present even on his debut album 'Ptooff'.
It starts with a great hit 'Billy The Monster', which in the latter part of the march, with the introduction of powerful sounding organs, becomes somewhat of a monumental and dignified expression. Instrumental 'Broken Biscuits' is one of my favorite compositions Deviants. At the beginning of a great stamped sharp guitar inputs, turns into a capital heavily improvised piece of fabulous guitar parts in the lead role. There is no compromise. Hence, very close to the punk-rock and even metal. At the same time it must be clearly stated that if this play was actually on the agenda. If so nicely today plucked the strings....main theme of 'First Line (Seven The Row) shows how rock music at some point she began to eat its own tail.

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi again marco, can you reupload this? thank you very much

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