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MacArthur - MacArthur (2016 Guerssen Records) 1979

Biography US foursome MACARTHUR was formed sometime in the late 1970's, consisting of Ben MacArthur (vocals, guitars), Bill Hefflefinger (guitars, keyboards, programming), Donald Stockford (bass) and Jeff Bauer (drums). While sources about them are scarce it would appear that they were an active live unit in their local area. But it was some years after the band folded that they gained recognition. In their initial lease of life they had released to limited quantity vinyl LPs, MacArthur and MacArthur II, issued in 1979 and 1982 respectively. These productions became sought after items in the collectors market, that the music on these albums had qualities not appreciated at the time of their release adding additional value to these items beyond the limited number of copies available. MacArthur reformed in 2006, their current line-up consisting of permanent members Ben MacArthur (vocals, guitars), Donald Stockford (bass) and Chuck Harrington (drums). David Asher (keyboards) lends his talents when needed, first and foremost for live purposes. And while talk and rumours about reissuing their original albums as well as the band recording and releasing new material have circulated, nothing substantial has come to pass yet. Avid collectors might note the existence of one bootleg however, as their first album was bootlegged in 1980 as The Black Forest.

01.Light Up
02.Laughing Like a Lark
03.Generations/First Contact
04.Push On
05.Of Only Then
06.The Black Forest
07.Prelude in C Major
08.Shock of the New

Ben MacArthur - vocals, guitars
Bill Hefflefinger - guitars, keyboards
Donald Stockford - bass
Jeff Bauer - drums

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Solidboy ha detto...

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kobilica ha detto...

Thank you so much...

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Tim Klecha ha detto...

Hello Solidboy, Good stuff this MacArthur. Would you happen to have MacArthur II that you could post? Thanks for your hard work.

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