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Paice Ashton Lord - Malice In Wonderland (2001 Purple Records Special Edition) 1976

Biography The Deep Purple spin-off project Paice Ashton Lord were formed by ex-Deep Purplers Ian Paice (drums) and Jon Lord (organ) with Tony Ashton, who had been in the Remo Four during the British Invasion era and then in Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (famous for "Resurrection Shuffle"). When they got together in mid-1976, Deep Purple had just broken up; for the sole Paice Ashton Lord album, the sound was filled out by guitarist Bernie Marsden and bassist Paul Martinez. That LP, Malice in Wonderland, was not nearly as heavy as Deep Purple had been, though it still owed much to mainstream British hard rock. However, there was a fair amount of jazz influence in the arrangements (which sometimes included brass) and some soul ingredients to the songwriting. All of this didn't add up to anything more than an average mid-'70s rock album, the kind you could have heard as filler on numerous AOR-oriented FM stations at the time. You didn't, though, since the album didn't sell much, and Paice Ashton Lord disbanded, although they did start work on a second LP. Eight songs from the unreleased second album appeared on the CD reissue of Malice in Wonderland on Purple Records in 2001. Review by Richie Unterberger

01.Ghost Story 5:46
02.Remember The Good Times 5:47
03.Arabella (Oh Tell Me) 4:07
04.Silas & Jerome 3:25
05.Dance With Me Baby 3:22
06.On The Road Again, Again 4:00
07.Sneaky Private Lee 6:08
08.I`m Gonna Stop Drinking 5:10
09.Malice In Wonderland 6:06
Bonus Tracks
10.Steamroller Blues (Another Story 2001) 4:52
11.Nasty Clarinet (2001) 4:30
12.Black & White (2001) 4:14
13.Moonburn (2001) 3:21
14.Dance Coming (2001) 4:57
15.Goodbye Hello LA (2001) 3:55
16.Untitled (2001) 3:16
17.Ballad Of Mr. Giver (2001) 5:53

Ian Paice - drums, percussion
Tony Ashton - vocals, keyboards
Jon Lord - keyboards, synthesizer
Paul Martinez - bass
Bernie Marsden - guitar, backing vocals

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flac cue log scans

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Hi, I've been looking for this LP for ages. Thanks for the post but how do I download
this LP?
Thank you

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