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Pig Iron - Pig Iron (2007 Foot Print Records) 1970

Biography The only self-titled album from New York. A highly professional and talented team, unfairly pushed into oblivion. Headed "Pig Iron" was drummer Alan Abrahams. He was also lead vocalist and main songwriter and musical director of the group.
In 1970, "Pig Iron" recorded an album which was well received by critics, but somehow went bad on sale.
Firm and publisher, as usual, did not renew the contract, and by 1971 the band broke up. Alan Abrahams went on to become a professional producer, worked at RCA, Capitol and Columbia Records, recorded by Miles Davis, BB King and many others ... As for the fate of the other musicians: keyboardist-trumpeter Adam Ippolito and bassist Gary Van Scyoc trumpeter joined a group of "Plastic Ono Band", when John Lennon finally settled in New York. Saxophonist Marty Fogel made ??a career in a group of Lou Reed. Unknown only to the further fate of no less talented members "Pig Iron": guitarist Bill Peters and leading trumpeter Paul Squire.
Album "Pig Iron" is half of foreign things, half of your own original material written by Alan Abrahams co-authored with his colleagues, not the band. The group is very different from whales jazz-rock "Chicago" and "Blood, Sweat & Tears" by the fact that they play a more hard rock, heavily involved on the blues and rhythm and blues. This blues-rock with the active participation of the wind instruments. The album cover used the same technique of "introduction", and that on the cover of "Led Zeppelin II", but here the band "Pig Iron" infiltrated "the picture, taken from the collection of the museum railway" Union Pacific. "In the photo was captured historical time of the merger of two "crutches" construction of this important route to the United States, will connect the central states to the Pacific coast. band's name, though it is in the word "Pig", has nothing to do with pigs, but refers to the steel industry. "Pig Iron" (if literally - "pig iron") means "pig iron" - the first pig iron smelting, intended for conversion into steel. pity that this short-term "pig iron" is not brought to a durable steel ...

01.People Gonna Talk 3:01
02.I Put A Spell On You 4:45
03.Neighbor, Neighbor 2:48
04.I Can’t Make It Alone 4:58
05.Easy Time Now 3:18
06.Abe’s Blues 5:20
07.Wake Up Mr. Charlie 2:49
08.Out Of Town 1:34
09.Top Of The World 2:43

Alan Abrahams - lead vocals, drums
Marty Fogel - saxophone
Adam Ippolito - keyboards, trumpet, vocals
Bill Peters - lead guitar, vocals
Paul Squire - trumpet
Gary Van Scyoc - bass, trumpet, vocals

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