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REPOST : Gleemen - Gleemen (Digipack Remaster) 1970 (REQUEST)

Biography : The Italian band Gleemen was created around 1965 in Genoa and played in some festivals making covers of Beatles and Stones in diversified versions. In 1970, they decided to release their self titled album led by a well-known figure in the progressive Italian scene, Pier Nicolò "Bambi" Fossati, tremendous guitar player and a huge fan of Hendrix. Fossati besides being a talented guitarist, has a wonderful voice and also, shared stage with Van Der Graaf, Santana and Uriah Heep. Actually, Gleemen is nothing less than the embryo of the great band Garybaldi, established in the same year of the release of this album and had the same formation but with some more progressive vein in their compositions. This made Garybaldi became one of the most important bands of the Italian scene in the early '70s. This record is quite atypical to what we are used to when it comes to 60s, a bit strident guitars, with strong influences to the master Hendrix, dueling by wonderful and energetic passages of Hammond, creating a pretty damn psychedelic atmosphere. Not to mention the perfectly prowess of the lead drummer conducting the band. Absolute highlight for track "The Confusione Dei" which brings excellent guitar passages followed by the beautiful voice of Fossati and a Hammond tone quite different but wonderful! Here's an atypical audition to what we are used when it comes to Italian Progressive Rock and i´m quite sure that everyone will be surprised with this innovative album for the time. The record gets to a near perfection when the issue is psychedelic rock.

01.Farfalle senza pois 3:11
02.Shilaila 4:15
03.Spirit 6:16
04.Chi sei tu, uomo 6:46
05.Un'amica 4:37
06.Bha-tha-hella 3:06
07.Clackson 3:56
08.Dei o confusione 3:32
09.Induzione parte 1 e parte 2 3:56
10.Divertimento 2:43
Bonus Tracks
11.Martha Helmut 4:09
12.Corri, Corri, Corri 4:00

Maurizio Cassinelli - drums, vocals
Bambi Fossati - guitar, vocals
Lio Marchi - keyboards
Angelo Traverso - bass

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue log scans

Anonimo ha detto...

ehm, sorry...
what about the link??

Solidboy ha detto...

Click Line-up for the link.

adamus67 ha detto...

Pier Niccolò “Bambi” Fossati was born in Genoa on April 28, 1949. He got his nickname Bambi from his grandmother when he was small, because of his habit of moving away while playing in a forest in the place where he went on vacation. At thirteen, he learned to play the guitar. In 1965 he founded the group Gleemen, the foundation of the future Garybaldi. With Gleemen, Fossati began to perform live in the streets and clubs of the Rivieras of Liguria and Piedmont, with a repertoire that included songs by the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

Deliberately released September 22, 1970, four days after the death of Jimi, the LP "Gleemen" sounds terribly dated now, but it is precisely because we need to attribute to a larger value, which does not emphasize mercilessly that provincialism which was definitely dampened. The amazing cover, depicting a monstrous fish surrounded by very strange colorful creatures, perhaps inspired by the works of Bosch or perhaps represents the visible beings in a "mental journey" made under the influence of drugs. It 'true that the references to Hendrix were obvious, but it is true that Bambi Fossati had a touch all its own, which allowed him to give back the magic with great technical style and sensitivity. Thus, in "Gleemen" proposes a spectacular condensed and never monotonous past and future: the lysergic beats of "Butterflies without pois" and "Gods and Confusion", the freak-naturalist gaits of "Shilaila", up to Hendrix "Spirit "and" Who are you man "(forerunner of the future work of Garybaldi). In "Introduction 1 & 2" the Gleemen offer the best of a new ambience and dynamic although still too payroll to the teacher. Closes all the improvised "fun", so cross-track to be considered, even in its brevity, a small island vanguard. "Times are changing" said the poet. In their way, they had perfectly Gleemen. The same line-up changed name to Garybaldi in 1971, the only difference being a slightly more progressive oriented sound, keeping the same style as previous band, and the wild Hendrix-inspired guitar playing of Bambi Fossati above all. They had a very interesting debut with the single Marta Helmuth in 1971, the back cover of it stating "from now on we're not Gleemen, we're Garybaldi" to declare their change of style.

Pier Niccolò “Bambi” Fossati, guitarist, singer and composer for trailblazing Italian progressive rock band Gleemen and later Garybaldi died in Genoa on June 7, 2014. He had been ill for some time and was staying at a nursing home.

Thx Marco,greetings...good job!

Solidboy ha detto...

Thanks to you adam for your review!

adamus67 ha detto...

Hello Marco, the pleasure is all mine ... again thanks for sharing!

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