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Rattles - The Witch (Repertoire Records) 1970

Biography : One of the most successful, and certainly one of the most prolific, German rock groups of the '60s, the Rattles enjoyed reasonable success in their native land without making much of an impression elsewhere (though some of their material was released in other countries). Starting out in the same Star Club-based Hamburg scene as the Liverpool groups of the early '60s, their early repertoire was built upon a similar base of '50s rock and soul/R&B. They released about 30 singles during the '60s (some on the Star-Club label itself), as well as almost ten albums, eventually making the transition to original material, and marching on well into the 1970s. (by Richie Unterberger)

01.You Can't Have Sunshine Everyday 3:02
02.The Mask 2:39
03.I Will 4:46
04.Where Is the Friend 2:23
05.Guy 2:22
06.The Witch 2:58
07.Worm Eaten Wood 3:32
08.Virgin 2:46
09.Rescue 3:39
10.Man 2:49
11.Eleanor Rigby 9:52
12.Suzie Q 6:06
Bonus Track:
13.The Witch (single version) 2:38
14.Get Away (single) 3:22
15.Devil's on the Loose (single) 2:53
16.I Know You Don't Know (single) 4:03
17.Money Making Machine (single) 3:13
18.Playing With Fire (single) 3:56
19.Something Else (single) 2:32
20.What Do I Care (single) 4:19

The Rattles:
Kurt "Zappo" Lungen - bass
Herbert Bornhold - drums
Frank Mille - guitar, vocals
Edna B. Jerano - vocals

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue log scans

lmelis ha detto...

Many thanks Solidboy!!

Mick ha detto...

Any chance of reupping this gem please? Thanks.

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