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Made In Sweden - Snakes In A Hole (Digipack Edition) 1969

Originally a trio, Made in Sweden was founded by guitarist George Wadenius, bassist Bo Haggstrom and drummer Tommy Borgudd. This first incarnation of the band released 3 studio albums and a live album, and won Grammis for Best Band in 1969 and 1970. The trio would split up later on and over time the original members would join a band called Solar Plexus. Their reformation in the mid 70's made them something of a supergroup with musicians from Finland joining the band; namely Pekka Pohjola from Wigwam and drummer Vesa Aaltonen from Tasavallan Presintti. This new line-up featured only Wadenius from the original trio, and other additions to the band were Wlodek Gulgowki on keyboards and singer Tommy Korberg who was also involved with Solar Plexus. This second incarnation would release one more album in 1976.

01.Snakes In A Hole
02.Lay Lady Lay
03.Discotheque People
04.Give Me Whisky
05.Kristallen Den grymma
06.Little Cloud
07.Big Cloud
Bonus Track:
08.Roundabout (Live)
09.Ramses the 3rd (Live)
10.Worlds of Mushroom Gardens

Made in Sweden:
Georg Wadenius - guitar, piano, vocal
Bo Haggstrom - bass
Tommy Borgudd - drums
Sven Asmussen - violins

2 commenti:

Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue log scans

DanP ha detto...

thank you solidboy. like the band, don't have this album! :D

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