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Paper Bubble - Scenery 1969

This quite obscure British pop-folk-rock effort might hold some interest for intense fans of British folk-rock of the late 1960s and early '70s, if only because it was produced by two members of one of the major bands in that genre (Dave Cousins and Tony Hooper of the Strawbs). Compared to the Strawbs, however and, for that matter, most British folk-rock acts Paper Bubble were far more lightweight. Emphasizing the close, merry harmonies of guitarists Terry Brake and Brian Crane, many of the tracks have a bouncy, singalong feel that's too happy-go-lucky, in fact, if you're in the wrong mood, though there are occasional breaks into more wistful numbers. Though bassist Neil Mitchell was the only other member of the group, the sound is thickened with some piano, light orchestration, and vague psychedelic textures. Like much American sunshine pop of the period, however, it has an upbeat vibe that verges on the sappy at times, even if this particular record isn't too strongly related to the sunshine pop style, with an innocent childlike escapist quality found in much British psychedelia of the time. And like many such efforts, it has pleasant surface qualities, but lacks memorable depth or truly standout compositions. In this context, the least characteristic track, "Mother Mother Mother," rocks like the devil, with berserk organ breaks, effective distorted electric guitar licks, a hard cheery folk-rockin' verve absolutely missing from the rest of the LP. It's the standout number on the record and was, in fact, anthologized in 1983 on the Broken Dreams, Vol.3 compilation of psychedelic British rock rarities but, unfortunately, was the only hint of such brazen energy Paper Bubble ever displayed. Richie Unterberger 2008 reissue of this Folk classic, originally released in 1970. Dave Cousins and Tony Hooper of the Strawbs were invited in 1969 to produce an LP for Shrewsbury band Paper Bubble. Terry Brake, Brian Crane and Neil Mitchell provide most of the sounds, except for a guesting Rick Wakeman, who was helping Cousins and Hooper on sessions just prior to joining the Strawbs proper in 1970. Brake and Crane's harmony vocals underpin the atmosphere of the record, and it is an infectious Folk Pop mix with the Strawbs influence starting to come through.

01.Fillin' A Gap
02.Being Human Being
04.I'm Laughing
05.Just An Actor
08.MM Of LA
09.Silly Bit Of Sentiment
10.Mother Mother Mother
11.Tomorrow Never Comes Likes A Silver Spoon

Paper Bubble:
Terry Brake - guitar, vocal
Brian Crane - guitar, vocal
Neil Mitchell - bass
Dave Cousins, Tony Hooper, Richard Hudson, John Ford, Rick

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Solidboy ha detto...

Flac Cue Log Scans 345 Mb

adamus67 ha detto...

Album of the British folk-rock band Paper Bubble should be of interest to fans of British folk-rock of the late 1960s and 70s, not only because it was produced by two members of one of the biggest bands in the genre (Dave Cousins,Tony Hooper of the Strawbs). Unfortunately what little attention their obscure 1970 album “Scenery” gets seems to stem from the fact Cousins and Hopper produced the collection. That’s unfortunate since the album was actually far better than the isolated reviews would have you believe. That said, the trio had more than their share of successes on this obscure release, engineer is … Tom Allom, who later produced many Strawbs and Hudson-Ford recordings. The album was released in 1970 on Deram, cover had two different pressings, same design but different colours and gains its first legitimate CD reissue on RPM in 2008.

juan manuel muñoz ha detto...

muchas gracias amigo. Saludos

Anonimo ha detto...

I think this rarity is particulary interesting ! Is it possible you send me the link please ?


Todi60 ha detto...

i really would appreciate if you could send the link for the paper bubble album. thank you very much.

wcpaeb ha detto...

Thanks for the FLAC and scans.
Link still works, just click on the name of the band under the track list

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