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Radio Moscow - Radio Moskow 2007

Although some describe them as "psychedelic blues rock," the Ames, IA, duo Radio Moscow is more of a throwback to the classic rock of the '70s. Their story is a true "being in the right place at the right time" tale, as the band's singer/guitarist/drummer, Parker Griggs, managed to get a demo tape into the hands of the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach after a gig. Auerbach liked the demo so much, he invited Griggs and bassist Luke McDuff to his home studio in Akron, OH, and produced their 2007 self-titled debut. The end result calls on several recognizable hits/bands of yesteryear. Highlights include "Lucky Dutch," which contains a beefy riff that's reminiscent of Ram Jam's "Black Betty," and "Lickskillet" begins as an acoustic blues ditty, before transforming into an Allman Brothers-esque dual-guitar fest (complete with slide guitar), while both "Mistreating Queen" and "Whatever Happened" are muscular riff rock à la the Jeff Beck Group.

01.Introduction 1:19
02.Frustrating Sound 3:54
03.Luckydutch 4:40
04.Lickskillet 4:55
05.Mistreating Queen 4:32
06.Whatever Happened 3:20
07.Timebomb 3:17
08.Deep Blue Sea 5:39
09.Ordovician Fauna 2:01
10.Fuse 3:13

Radio Moskow:
Parker Griggs – vocals, guitars, drums, percussion
Luke McDuff – bass
Keith Rich – live drums
Todd Stevens – live drums

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Named for the pre-Cold War precursor to the propaganda outlet Voice of Russia, Radio Moscow are a blues-rock trio from Ames, IA, with a similarly anachronistic retro feel. Where bands like the Black Keys (whose guitarist Dan Auerbach produced Radio Moscow's debut album) and the White Stripes play with a stripped-down, modern take on the old power trio sound, Radio Moscow hark back to the glory days of the power trio, when Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Blue Cheer roamed the earth and the power of the Marshall stack was unquestioned. Radio Moscow formed in Ames in 2004, a collaboration between two garage punk enthusiasts whose tastes had shifted into the heavy side of late-'60s psychedelia.

Guitarist, singer, songwriter, and drummer Parker Griggs and bassist Luke McDuff approached Auerbach with a demo following a Black Keys gig, and the more established musician was impressed enough to both produce their debut album and to get the duo signed to his label, Alive Records. Although Griggs and McDuff recorded their self-titled first album as a duo, the pair hired drummer Mayuko to complete the trio for live purposes shortly before the album's release.

The selftitled debut is 10 tracks of “garage punk filtered through the blues, with“. What does all that mean? I am not entirely sure but I like the way it reads. In my own words, I would have to say Radio Moscow’s debut cd is electric guitar fueled blues rock that can find a groove and ride it so hard it’ll scar your speakers. Think Wolfmother meets The Black Keys, and you’ll probably have the worst analogy in the history of music reviews, but I’m gonna use the fucker. For real though, this is a cd that forces you to stomp your feet and play air guitar from the second the opening bass solo of “Frustrating Sound”starts.
It’s really comforting feeling – to be able to listen to this CD. The man immediately takes on faith that it might not be so bad with the contemporary music and young musicians have a little imagination and examples from the past, and most important skills. So it is with the American group of Radio Moscow draws on the music end of the sixties. A great blues drive, which feel almost every song, a pinch of psychedelia, a young spirit – and a recipe for a great album ready. The music group Blue Cheer resonate elements, Jimi Hendrix, Cream.

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