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Galaxy - Visions (500 Copy Pressing) 1978

Not too be confused with another, more renowned, German group of the same name, which in the same year released the album Nature’s Clear Well, the Bremen-based Galaxy are yet another in a series of mega-obscure bands uncovered by Germany’s Garden of Delights label. Unfortunately, this is one item that probably deserves its underground status. Originally released in a small, 500 copy pressing, which was essentially sold to friends of the band, this album sort of has “garage band” written all over it. The most obvious comparison would be to early Eloy, but with perhaps even more of a hard rock vibe. To be fair, the band has some good ideas, as the songwriting displays a knack for catchy hooks. Unfortunately the album is rather bogged down by the unimaginative, lead-footed drumming, which lends an air of amateurishness to the entire affair. Indeed, the band does not sound particularly tight here, despite the fact that they had apparently been together for almost three years prior to the recording of the album. Having been recorded in the band’s home studio, the production also leaves something to be desired, as the trebly bass and the loud, consistently behind the beat, hi-hat have a tendency to grate on the nerves. Vocals are delivered in English, by way of a German-accented caterwaul. At times, they can actually be appealing, but unsurprisingly tend to wear thin due to overuse.

Songs like the melodically varied “Warrior of the Endless Time,” the mellow, symphonically inclined “Morning of the Magicians: Part One,” and, in particular, the dynamic title track, all contain a wealth of nice ideas, particularly by way of the guitar and keyboard playing. Many of the pieces begin with tasteful acoustic guitar, before moving into more anthemic, keyboard led portions, or into heavy electric guitar passages. Opener “Ladies in the Wind” is an aggressive rocker, and has what could have potentially been a great hook, but one which is unfortunately driven into the ground over its six plus minutes. To be sure, there is probably enough here to appeal to the hardcore German rock aficionado, those who would probably forgive the decidedly unpolished, unprofessional feel of the album in any case. However, with that said, casual fans will probably want to pass on this one.

01.Ladies in the Wind
02.Morning of the Magicians Part One
06.Excerpts “Time” Part Two
07.Warrior of the Endless Time
08.Atomic Flight

Thomas Asche - Bass
Bernd Steinhardt - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Heiko Beck - Drums, Percussion
Frank Dahmne - Vocals, Guitar
Gottfriend Antpohler - Keyboards

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Solidboy ha detto...

Flac + Cue + Log + Scans 332 Mb

Mick ha detto...

Methinks its time to reupload the much better "Galaxy - Day Without The Sun 1976". Thanks.

kobilica ha detto...

Thanks for opportunity to access this rare album...

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