venerdì 5 luglio 2013

Focus - In And Out Of Focus (20-bit Japan Remaster) 1970

Focus' debut album is gentler and more low-key and vocal-oriented than their subsequent efforts; fans of Jan Akkerman's pyrotechnics may be disappointed by his relatively restrained presence, but others may be pleasantly surprised to find a more economic group than they remember. A fair collection of progressive rock tunes without a clear focus, the material is dominated by Thijs Van Leer, often introducing classical sensibilities. But at least as often, it sticks with fairly conventional period folk-rock and blues influences, with occasional jazzy shadings. Akkerman's "House of the King" is the most accurate Jethro Tull imitation ever recorded.

01.Focus 2:44
02.Black Beauty 3:06
03.Sugar Island 3:04
04.Anonymus 6:33
05.House Of The King 2:51
06.Happy Nightmare (Mescaline) 3:58
07.Why Dream 3:57
08.Focus (Instrumental) 9:44

Jan Akkerman - guitars
Hans Cleuver - drums
Martijn Dresden - bass
Thijs van Leer - vocals, keyboards, flute

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue log scans 290 mb

Anonimo ha detto...

Thank you Solidboy. There's a pure and elemental quality that early albums have that I like.

mukahnlor ha detto...

solidboy this is great, thanks !!!.

Anonimo ha detto...

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