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Fleur De Lis - Facing Morning 1972

Something of a legend among hardcore collectors, the original pressing of their album is almost impossible to locate. It was released on the local Aalborg (in Northern Jutland) label Qualisound, which in the late sixties released singles by The Hunters and The Stamping Bricks. Facing Morning had a sound strongly inspired by the US West Coast sound, but with more progressive leanings. As usual with limited pressings (which were often made for demonstration purposes only), the sound quality is rather primitive. All in all the album leaves the impression of unfulfilled promise, although "Home Of Minds" (8:06) rises above the remaining 7 tracks. For completists and fans of Scandinavian underground hippie rock. Scented Gardens Of Mind

01.Home Of Minds
02.Har I Set?
03.Facing Morning
04.In Love
06.Bad Loser
07.Sympathetic Attitude
09.East Hill Rag
11.After The Settlement
12.Gensyn 1
13.Gensin 111

Fleur De Lis:
Leif Nielsen - guitar, vocals, clavinet
Bjarne Pedersen - guitars
Peder Pedersen - bass, acoustic guitar
Svend Thomsen - organ
Kaj Olesen – drums

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