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Gleemen - Gleemen 1970

GLEEMEN are a foursome from Genoa headed by guitarist extraordinaire and Jimi Hendrix afficionado Pier Nicolò "Bambi" Fossati. After their own successful rendition of "Lady Madonna"(the famous BEATLES track) which put them on the map in the late 60's, they did a few live gigs and then decided they were ripe for a full-blown album which they released in 1970. A year later, keeping the same line-up but with a slightly more progressive edge, they would change their name to GARYBALDI.
Their eponymous album is typical of late 60's psychedelia: replete with raunchy blues vibes, it is a blend of wild, Hendrix-inspired guitar solos duelling with the Hammond organ, heavy pumping bass lines and a solid rhythm section. It covers a multitude of musical ideas, from classic to effervescent, dynamic hard rock, from acoustic to bluesy arrangements. A bit patchy and certainly no classic (especially not a prog classic), the album still contains a few hooks worth a spin or two.
Only recommended if you enjoy funky, Hendrix-style guitar play or are a fan of bands such as SANTANA, TEN YEARS AFTER .

01.Farfalle senza pois 3:11
02.Shilaila dea dell'amore 4:14
03.Spirit 6:16
04.Chi sei tu, uomo 6:46
05.Un'amico 4:36
06.Bha-tha-hella 3:06
07.Clakson 3:56
08.Dei o confusione 3:32
09.Induzione parte 1 e 2 3:55
10.Divertimento 2:41

Maurizio Cassinelli - drums, vocals
Bambi Fossati - guitar, vocals
Lio Marchi - keyboards
Angelo Traverso - bass

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Reverend Prefini ha detto...
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