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Advancement - The Advancement 1969

After collaborating with Gabor Szabo on such superb efforts as More Sorcery and Dreams, bassist Louis Kabok and drummer Hal Gordon further embraced jazz-rock fusion under the Advancement aegis, issuing their sole LP in 1969. The opening "Juliet" establishes a dark, moody atmosphere immediately bolstered by the intriguing "Painful Struggle," with its eerie vibes and Kabok's extended bass bridge. "Moorish Mode" is Gordon's star turn, highlighted by an impressively restrained drum break. But it's the most overtly rock-influenced cuts that make Advancement worth seeking out, in particular "Fall Out," an impressively heady mélange of jazz, hard rock, and psychedelia.

Tracklist :
01.Juliet 2:56
02.Painful Struggle 6:55
03.Stone Folk 3:20
04.Grass Mass 2:26
05.Sunflower 3:06
06.She 1:58
07.Moorish Mode 5:58
08.Hobo Express 5:12
09.Child at Play 2:22
10.Fall Out 3:22

The Advancement :
Colin Bailey - Drums, Percussion
Lynn Blessing - Vibes, Harmonica, Organ
John De Rose - Classical Guitar
Hal Gordon - Conga, Drums, Percussion
A.A. Johnson - Guitar
Lou Kabok - Bass
Richard Thompson - Organ, Harpsichord

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