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Landslide - Two Sided Fantasy 1972

Landslide's only album is amiable but inconsequential early-'70s rock. It's not indebted to any style or band in particular, though one can hear traces of the Allman Brothers, Santana, and blues-rock acts like Johnny Winter. There's some Jack Bruce/Cream quaver in the vocals, too, particularly on one of the more melodic cuts, "Dream Traveler." A gentler laid-back bluesy groove is explored in "Creepy Feelin'." But on the whole it doesn't have songs or riffs to get excited about, and the rave-up on the closing blues-rocker "Happy" sounds like an attempt to create some excitement that isn't inherent in the material. This rare 1972 Capitol release was reissued on CD by Akarma in 2003.

01.Doin' What I Want - 5:13
02.Creepy Feelin' - 4:14
03.Everybody Knows (Slippin') - 7:16
04.Dream Traveler - 4:37
05.Susan - 5:55
06.Sad And Lonely - 3:00
07.Little Bird - 3:57
08.Happy - 5:51

Landslide :
Ed Cass - lead vocals, drums, percussion
Billy Savoca - lead guitar, vocals, slide guitar
Joseph "Joey" Caglioti - guitar
Bobby Sallustio - bass
Tommy Caglioti - drums, percussion, sitar

Flac + Complete Scans 282 Mb
Pass : SDB

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