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C.K.Strong - C.K.Strong 1969

C K Strong was the very first group project put together by the extraordinary Lynn Carey, whose 3-octave range would later be featured on her now-legendary Mama Lion recordings.
Here,within the psych-rock & blues of C.K. Strong, Lynn was still a teenager, and yet her enormous vocal presence and west coast beauty were already evident to all.
The mystery bonus tracks,included in the present post,are taken from the soundtrack to the film "Beyond the valley of the dolls", which featured Lynn on lead & background vocals.
The film was released in 1970, and was directed by Russ Meyer and written by Roger Ebert.
Music & lyrics were composed by Stu Phillips ,Bob Stone and Lynn Carey.

01.Stormbird 03:07
02.Baby Let Me Out 07:17
03.Affairs 02:55
04.Trilogy 09:18
05.Been So Long 03:45
06.Mean Hearted Man 08:11
07.Rolling Down The Highway 04:00
08.Daddy 04:38

C.K.Strong :
Jefferson Kewley - guitar, leslie guitar, chorus
Geoff Westen - guitar, organ, piano, vocals, chorus
Chistopher Brooks - bass, chorus
Ron Grinell - drums
Lynn Carey - vocals, chorus

Flac + Complete Scans 426 Mb
Password : SDB

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Very solid blues rock. Thank you!

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