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Back Door - Back Door 1973

Released by the band on the Blakey label in 1972 and then re-released by Warner in 1973, this instrumental album is impressive from start to finish, and a veritable catalog of bass guitar technique. Aspery's funky sax and flute work leaves the bottom end completely open to the bass guitar, and Hodgkinson's use of strummed chords is ably backed by his bandmates on the squalling opener "Vienna Breakdown." The mel-low fon-kay bass solo, "Lieutenant Loose," makes effective use of ringing open strings, while "Slivadiv" is a fret-hammering delight. If you're a bassist, be forewarned: listening to this album is a deeply humbling experience.

01.Vienna Breakdown - 2:19
02.Plantagenet - 1:38
03.Leiutenant Loose - 2:38
04.Askin' the Way - 2:57
05.Turning Point - 2:12
06.Slivadiv - 3:45
07.Jive Grind - 2:48
08.Human Bed - 2:25
09.Catcote - 1:55
10.Waltz for a Wollum - 2:20
11.Folksong - 3:03
12.Back Door - 2:48

Back Door :
Colin Hodgkinson - bass, vocals
Ron Aspery - keyboards, sax
Tony Hicks - drums
Later : Adrian Tilbrook - drums  

Flac + Complete Scans 211 Mb
Pass : SDB

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